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Free volunteering in Finland provides accommodation and airline tickets, including free meals, internal transportation and a letter of assistance for a Finland visa (Schengen), apply now for a limited time.

Applying is free What are you waiting for? Through the “Grants Around the World” platform, see the full details below and offer me a free volunteer opportunity in Finland.

If you want to apply directly without reading the full details click here.


Finland : Finland




Volunteer Foundation in Finland.

Volunteering Explained

The Volunteer Foundation provides services for people with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders. Volunteer activities are divided into several sections in different regions. The volunteer will assist either with the city’s arts and crafts workshop or life skills activities – or in both if the volunteer wishes. Volunteer City is a small town with a population of about 15000,<> and is located on the sea in southern Finland.

Countries available to apply

Most countries in the world are available to apply for this volunteer! See the official announcement below.

Volunteering Duration

A whole year.

On-the-volunteer training

Free Finnish language courses will be provided!


Free Finnish volunteering includes:

  1. Regular city.
  2. Internal mobility costs.
  3. Free accommodation.
  4. Health insurance.
  5. Finnish language courses.
  6. Schengen visa letter.

Required files

  • Curriculum vitae (from here).
  • Fill out the application form.

How to apply? Three simple steps:

1) Get to know the available positions

Read carefully the descriptions of the open positions below and choose from the position(s) you wish to apply to.

2) Download and fill in the application form

Download and fill in Maailmanvaihto’s European Solidarity Corps Application form: docx or pdf.

  • If you wish to apply to more than one position, please fill in a separate form for each position.
  • Write your answers in the green blank fields. There is no length limit for your answers.
  • In order to apply, you need to have a sending supporting organization in the country you live in. The sending organization will orientate and support you. If you don’t yet have a sending organization, you can look for one from this database. Please, contact them to find out if they could act as your sending organization if you got selected as a volunteer.
  • You will be able to attach your photo to the pdf form if you fill it in with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • If the form is not accessible for you, please, contact us at [email protected].

3) Send us your application

Send us your application form as an email attachment to [email protected].

  • Write the project name in the subject field of your message.
  • Photos are optional.

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