Generation Google Scholarship (APAC) 2024-2025 (up to $2,500)

Applications are now open for the Generation Google Scholarship 2024-2025, offering a unique opportunity for women aspiring to excel in computer sciences. This scholarship provides hands-on experience in Google’s specified areas, enhancing technical skills and fostering leadership in the tech industry. Participants will undertake relevant work assignments to advance academic knowledge and cultivate future career paths. Notably, the program aims to support students in championing the representation of underrepresented communities.

The Google Scholarships 2024 specifically target women committed to diversity and inclusion, engaging with diverse cultural communities and upholding a zero-tolerance policy within networks. Geared towards undergraduate students, these scholarships empower those advocating for equity to address societal stratification. Additionally, the program encourages women to contribute innovative solutions globally, thus becoming integral members of the Google community and fostering technological advancement.

Funded by Google, this scholarship program fosters unity by promoting international cooperation among diverse communities, aligning with the sustainable development goals outlined in the 2030 agenda. Recognizing that social harmony is essential for humanity’s survival, the program facilitates collaboration among individuals with varied perspectives, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds, offering mentorship from esteemed experts and a promising start for talented students.

With the goal of expanding technological horizons, the Google scholarship program instills informative knowledge in dedicated young individuals, addressing issues like cultural diversity, gender inequality, and religious intolerance while tackling technical challenges. By ensuring access to quality education and professional training, Google strengthens bonds among nations while upholding values crucial for global democracy and development, serving as a hub for idea exchange and knowledge sharing.

Please note that previous recipients of scholarships such as the Generation Google Scholarship, Generation Google Scholarship for Women in Gaming, and others listed are ineligible for reapplication.


Type of OpportunityScholarships and Fellowships
Deadline23 April,2024
Contact the organizer[email protected]

Benefits :

Do you meet the eligibility criteria above? If you do, make sure to apply before the Google Generation Scholarship deadline. Before you do, also read the various benefits of this scholarship for women in 2024. Here are some of the benefits for the Google Scholarship APAC.

Benefits of the Generation Google Scholarship (APAC) 2024:

  • The Google Scholarship for women in computer science offers selected students $2,500 for the academic year 2024-2025. Hence, providing financial assistance.
  • The scholarship for undergraduate students helps women become better leaders and excel in the fields of computer science and technology.
  • Receiving the Google Scholarship 2024-2025 is a prestigious honor that recognizes students academic achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.
  • With this scholarship in USA, students will have the chance to become a Google scholarship recipient and build their future with Google.


To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • Be currently enrolled as a full-time second or third year undergraduate student at an accredited university in Asia Pacific for the 2023-2024 academic year.
  • Intend to continue pursuing a full-time Bachelors program at an accredited university in Asia Pacific for the 2024-2025 academic year.
  • Be studying computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field.
  • Demonstrate a strong academic record.
  • Exemplify leadership and demonstrate passion for improving representation of underrepresented groups in computer science and technology.

Documents Required for the Generation Google Scholarship Program:

  • A PDF copy of Resume/CV.
  • A PDF copy of previous and current Transcripts.
  • A PDF copy of two short answers.

Application Process:

  • Wondering how to apply for this APAC Google Scholarship?
  • The application process for Google Scholarship for international students is entirely online.
  • Ensure you meet the eligibility and requirements for the computer science and technology scholarship.  Candidates must submit all the necessary documents as mentioned above along with answers to short essay questions.
  • Moreover, candidates must submit their previous academic records from earlier institutions  and current colleges if applicable.
  • All applicants must submit two reference letter s from a teacher/professor or counselor.
  • Interested candidates should apply before the deadline.

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