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ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2024 | Fully Funded Youth Summit in Hungary & China

ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2024 is accepting applications from young leaders from Asian and European countries! The ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2024 will be held in China or Hungary. The Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) is accepting applications for this fully funded summit. The ASEFYLS Capacity Building program is a youth leadership programme with a focus on ‘Leadership in Society 5.0’. This international program is a collaborative program that will take place both physically and virtually. The 5th ASEF Youth Summit will occur from July to December 2024 with three phases. The first phase is the knowledge-building phase, which will take place online from 2 July to 30 July. The second phase is the youth summit phase, which will be an in-person training that will take place in China or Hungary. The final phase is the fully funded international summit in the action phase, which will take place online.

The participants of this international conference will have the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and turn ideas or theories into action. During the Knowledge Building Phase, they will get an in-depth exploration with training and thematic experts. While in In-person training, they will attend in-person either the Asia-Europe Young Leaders Campus in Beijing &Hangzhou, China, which will be an opportunity for them to have dialogue exchanges and networking. The In-person training will be the Asia-Europe Training Seminar on Youth, Digitalization, and Intercultural Dialogue in Budapest, Hungary. The international summit is a unique opportunity where young youth from different parts of Asia and Europe come under one roof to discuss and develop leadership activities, an opportunity to learn, implement, collaborate, and turn their ideas into actions. The ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2024 will select almost 80 participants.

This is a fully funded leadership program, so all the expenses will be covered. Another benefit is that IELTS is not required for this Young Leaders Summit 2023. The international program is open to all Asian and European countries. The ASEFYLS5 program focuses on the theme of ‘Leadership & Society 5.0’, and they include three spheres for youth leadership that are self-leadership (you), team leadership (we), and societal leadership (all). The 5th ASEF Young Leaders Summit in Spain is an amazing opportunity to open doors of success for you and make global connections. This platform will provide youth with different opportunities, like certified courses/training by the world’s best institutes on both Leadership and Society 5.0, and help you connect with other youth leaders from all across the globe. The international summit will bring knowledge, enthusiasm, and skills to work and collaborate in diverse groups to give solutions to society’s challenges.

Through this fully funded program, the youth voices will contribute to decision-making, and they will have access to become a member of the Asian and European youth community, which will open doors for cross-regional exchange and collaboration. The ASEFYLS is a unique place where Asian and European youth unite under one platform, where young students can dialogue and learn from each other globally. This ASEF Young Leaders Summit is a forum for youth Leaders to create and enhance their leadership skills and capacities. The main theme of the ASEFYLS5 is “Leadership in Society 5.0″.

About ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2024 (Fully Funded Youth Summit in China or Hungary)

  • Country: China and Hungary
  • Who can Apply: Youth From Asian and European Countries
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Program Duration: 6 months.
  • No of Participants: 80
  • Deadline: 19th May 2024

Benefits of the ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2024:

  • The summit is fully funded.
  • There is no registration or participation fee.
  • The host organization will provide accommodation to the participants.
  • Meals will also be given.
  • Round-way air-fare will be paid for by the host organization.
  • The organizers will cover the cost of leadership training and courses.
  • Certificates will be awarded after the completion of the Summit.
  • Chance to explore either Hungary or China.

Eligibility Criteria for ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2024:

Applicants applying must:

  • Be citizens of an Asian or European country.
  • Have a leadership role in a youth organization.
  • Be between the age bracket of 18-30 years.
  • Have proficiency in both oral and written English language.

Documents Required for the #ASEFYLS CAPACITY BUILDINGS 2024:

  • Valid Passport.
  • Updated CV.
  • Educational transcripts.
  • Any other supporting document that you think is necessary to have while traveling to a foreign country?

How to apply for the ASEF Young Leaders Summit in Europe:

  • Fill in the online application form.
  • You and save the incomplete form and fill it in later for submission.
  • Update your CV and upload it.
  • Answer the questions mentioned in the form.
  • Mention your personal and professional background.
  • Explain what is your motivation to join this summit.
  • Describe what potential contributions can you make in this program.

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